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China’s boom swells the coffers of African economies -Mail & Guardian (ZAF)
Chinese investment in Africa is the single most important development of the previous decade for the continent — and a pointer to its future, too. In 2010 China became Africa’s largest trading partner, according to a new report by Renaissance Capital, titled “China in Africa”.

China can compete in SA valves market – Sino SVO -Engineering News (ZAF)

The perception that only low-quality valves are manufactured in China needs to be altered, says valves outsourcing company Sino Specialised Valve Outsourcing (Sino SVO) managing member John McMenamin.

Egyptian Acting Head of State Tantawi Meets with Chinese Foreign Minister -FOCAC (CHN)
Hussein Tantawi, Egyptian acting head of state and Chairman of Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, met with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in Cairo

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Accepts Interview of Xinhua News Agency and CCTV on China-GCC Cooperation, China-Arab States Relations and Situation in West Asia and North Africa -FOCAC (CHN)
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, after attending the second strategic dialogue between China and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates and visiting Egypt, accepted the interview of Xinhua News Agency and CCTV in Cairo on the cooperation between China and the GCC, relations between China and Arab states and situation in West Asia and North Africa

New Africa builds new South-South economic ties -FOCAC (CHN)
Despite long-standing commercial ties with Europe, Africa now conducts half its trade with developing economic regions. Building new South-South relations would benefit the African continent as the economic momentum shifts from West to East

CNPC helps fuel Sudanese prosperity -FOCAC (CHN)
Although the entire landscape to the north of the Sudanese capital Khartoum seems like a desert, in Al Jaili, a township about 70 kilometers from the capital, a different scene appears.

Overheating Chinese will affect Africa’ -Business Report (ZAF)
It is too soon to celebrate Africa’s economic growth, which is expected to surpass the 5% mark this year. The reason for this is the expected lull in the Chinese economy, according to Martyn Davies, CEO of Frontier Advisory.

China pushes for larger trade volumes with Kenya -Business Daily (KEN)
China hopes its companies in Kenya will raise their investment volumes as it seeks to consolidate its existing bilateral ties in key economic growth sectors such as manufacturing.

Will merger of African trading blocs give continent bargaining power over China? -Business Daily (KEN)
With regional wheels rolling to put in place the envisaged grand tripartite free trade area (FTA), questions have arisen about whether it would be viable and increase competitiveness.

China’s Trade Rush with Africa -FOCAC (CHN)
The BRICS leaders met at the third BRIC summit in Sanya, Hainan, on April 14. South Africa’s first official participation to this summit means the extension of the BRIC group to BRICS. Partnering with the largest economy in sub-Saharan region and the de facto leader of southern Africa will provide strategic access to the African market for the other BRICS countries.

Fu Ziying: China Helps Africa Purely for Friendship – Over 700 Chinese Workers Laid Down Their Lives for That -FOCAC (CHN)
The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference where Fu Ziying, Vice Minister of Commerce, was invited to brief and take questions from the press regarding the white paper “China’s Foreign Aid” at 10 am today.

Africa’s interaction with China a different one, says South African president Zuma -FOCAC (CHN)
Africa is cooperating with China in a manner that is different from its interaction with the traditional partners, South African President Jacob Zuma said here Wednesday.

Chinese bid halt won’t stop Husab development -The Namibian (NAM)
Resources will continue with the development of Husab as one the world’s five biggest uranium mines while its main shareholder, Kalahari Minerals, continues takeover discussions with China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp (CGNP), the NSX-, ASX- and TSX-listed company said yesterday.

Zuma seeks ‘fair deal’ in Africa’s ties with China -Business Day (ZAF)
Delegates at World Economic Forum conference listen to Zuma’s request for a “different kind of relationship” that is not dominated by one side

“The Eagle & the Dragon in Africa” -The Official Blog of Ambassador David H. Shinn
I will be speaking at the conference The Eagle & the Dragon in Africa: Stability and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, which the Virginia Military Institute’s Center for Leadership and Ethics will be holding Nov. 3 and 4, 2011

Interview on The Dragon’s Gift: Podcast on Development Drums -China in Africa: The Real Story
Development expert Owen Barder interviewed me about The Dragon’s Gift in Addis Ababa for his podcast Development Drums.

Embracing a Green Vision -FOCAC (CHN)
Climate change affects every country in the world, and protecting the environment has thus become a matter of global concern. With the coordination of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), China and some African countries have launched joint projects on environmental protection, with some preliminary progress achieved. Wang Zhijia, UNEP Special Coordinator, recently shared his views with ChinAfrica reporter Ni Yanshuo on the Sino-African cooperation in environmental protection.

Interview: Chinese investments to drive Africa’s vision to action plan -FOCAC (CHN)
China’s investments in Africa look poised to help the continent to move from the vision to action stage, development analysts in the continent have said. “China’s investment in Africa looks aimed at supporting sustainable development, by improving infrastructure and by investing in special economic zones,” said Charles Robertson, the global chief economist and head of macro-strategy at the investment bank Renaissance Capital.

China’s stake in Africa grows -Business Report (ZAF)
China last year became Africa’s largest trading partner and makes up 10.4 percent of the continent’s total trade.

Cameroon signs $542m China loan for power project -Engineering News (ZAF)
Cameroon’s government said on Tuesday it had secured a $542-million loan from the China Import-Export Bank to fund the construction of a 201 MW hydroelectric dam on the Ntem River.


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