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03/11/2010 to 09/11/2010

Rwanda in the bigger picture -New Times (RWA)

On a recent visit to Beijing for a graduate conference, I was privileged to meet Chinese researchers from different Chinese “think tanks”, one of which was the Chinese Communist Party school in China’s capital. We engaged for a couple of hours on the topic “ruling with the consent of the people”.

China aids Africa in food insecurity -China Daily (CHN)
As part of follow-up mechanisms of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, an intergovernmental initiative that aimed at strengthening ties between China and African countries, a series of programs have been launched to improve cooperation on various issues, notably in the area of food and agriculture.

Uganda gets sh33b for completing President’s office -New Vision (UGA)
CHINA has extended $14.8m (about sh33b) to Uganda. A total of sh16.5b is a grant and will be used in the completion of the Government office block project to house the Office of the President and the Prime Minister’s complex. The building is expected to cost $24b (about sh53.5b).

Africa – The Energy Continent -Energy Business Review (GBR)
The significant worldwide growth in energy demand (expected to rise by some 57% by 2025), has put Africa firmly on the industry’s radar. According to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy Report (June 2010), in 2009 (the BP 2009 Statistics) Africa consumed only 3.7% of the global commercial energy supply but its share of global energy production was some 12%.

Interview: Learning Chinese language benefits China-Africa relations -People’s Daily (CHN)
Africans should learn the Chinese language and culture in order to benefit more from the growing links with the China, the head of World Economic Forum for Africa has said.

UNDP, China to boost their partnership on Africa-UNDP
UNDP will be strengthening its cooperation with China to boost poverty reduction efforts on the African continent.

China Merchants to buy stake -People’s Daily (CHN)
China Merchants Holdings International has agreed to form a joint venture that will buy a 47.5 percent stake in a container-terminal operator in Nigeria from Israel’s Zim Integrated Shipping for $154 million.

“Chinese cultural week” launched in Egypt’s university -People’s Daily (CHN)
Speaking different Chinese local dialects fluently, two Egyptian students surprised the audience with their excellent knowledge of Chinese language skills as shown in a traditional Chinese cross talk performance.

‘China is creating consumer societies in Africa’ -East African (KEN)
China’s role in Africa is typically colonial — it tells African states to supply it with raw materials and in return gives finished goods,” was the harsh verdict of Ghanaian law professor Kojo Yelpaala after a heated debate at the African Economic Conference in Tunis.

China-Africa Trading Volume Expected to Exceed US$100 Billion -FOCAC (CHN)
The bilateral trade volume between China and African countries is expected to exceed US$100 billion by the end of this year, said Zhong Manying, chief of the Department of Western Asian and African Affairs with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) at a news conference for the African Commodities Exhibition Center held in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. Since year 2000, China-Africa trade has been enjoying an annual growth rate of 33.5 percent.

Africa in 2050: Adopt to global changes quickly or perish -The East African (KEN)
What will Africa be like in 2050?” This was one of the critical debates at the 5th African Economic Conference held in Tunis recently.

Firm moves to boost nation’s power sector with $3 bn investment -Vanguard (NGA)
PLANS by the federal government to    generate 6000 Megawatts (Mw) of electricity in the short term has received a boost following the desire of an indigenous firm Greenworldwater Africa Ltd. The company is achieving this feat in conjunction with an American Company, AEHI and the China National Nuclear Agency.

Ghana’s New China Deals: What’s the Real Story? -China in Africa: The Real Story
We’ve heard a lot recently about the new multi-billion deals signed between Ghana and several Chinese banks, including China Development Bank (US$3 billion) and China Eximbank (US$5.9 billion for 19 infrastructure projects). Yet a lot is still murky, including the actual value of these agreements, and how they are linked to Ghana’s new oil and gas resources.

Multilateral partnerships will help Guinea-Bissau build tougher security: int’l officials -People’s Daily (CHN)
Officials briefing the UN Security Council here Friday said that Guinea-Bissau should engage in multilateral partnerships in order to bolster its own state institutions, particularly in the area of security.

China says ship, crew hijacked off Somalia in June rescued -Daily Nation (KEN)
A Singapore-flagged cargo ship with 19 Chinese crew hijacked off the coast of Somalia has been rescued, the Chinese transport ministry said Saturday, as pirates claimed they had received a nine million dollar ransom.

Minister: trilateral dialogue between the EU, China and Africa welcomed -FOCAC (CHN)
At the EU-China Summit held in Nanjing last November, both sides welcomed trilateral dialogue between the EU, China and Africa, and agreed to explore appropriate areas for cooperation. They reaffirmed their commitment to supporting the full and timely achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and to supporting Africa’s sustainable development and early economic recovery from the global financial crisis.

AVIC signs agreement to deliver eight aircraft to African nation -China Daily (CHN)
AVIC (Aviation Industry of China) International Holding Corp, an import and export subsidiary of China Aviation Industry Corp, said it has signed an agreement to deliver eight aircraft to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

MLS scores in China -Defence Web (ZAF)
Mobile Land Systems (MLS), a South African armoured vehicle manufacturer established last year, says it has a contract worth R40 million to manufacture 11 mine-resistant armour protected (MRAP) vehicles in conjunction with a Chinese company associated with the People’s Liberation Army and transfer know-how to the east-Asian giant.

Some challenges ahead as South Africa’s new ‘partnership’ with China takes shape -Engineering News (ZAF)
During August, it became clear that China had become the second-biggest economy in the world, after the US. In 2009, China became South Africa’s largest single country trade partner, overtaking the US. That year, the Asian giant became this country’s biggest source of imports. This year, China also became South Africa’s biggest export market.

China-built power project to be handed over to Republic of Congo -Global Times (CHN)
The government of the Republic of Congo will on Wednesday receive the Imboulou hydroelectric power station, which was constructed by Chinese technicians, public works officials told Xinhua here on Thursday.

Germany donates equipment worth 5.6 mln birr to Ethio-China Polytechnic College -Walta Info (ETH)
The Government of Germany through KfW Development Bank has donated textbooks and office equipment worth 5.6 million birr to the Ethio-China Polytechnic College (ECPC) on Thursday.
Ghana taps China loan for $2.85 billion road project -Africa Good News (ZAF)
Ghana will use the first $2.85 billion of a $13 billion Chinese loan facility to fund a road improvement project, the government of the West African country said on Wednesday.

China in Africa: Can Africa’s legal institutions cope? -Legal frontiers (CAN)
African countries have long been neglected as viable trading partners by many Western countries (beyond the oil industry).  The Chinese have engaged beyond oil and minerals (although these constitute a large part of their African investments), trading in equipment and machinery for construction and building telecommunications infrastructure which are helping pull Africa into the 21st century.

Kaguta road upgrade starts December -New Vision (UGA)
THE Uganda National Roads Authority has awarded a contract to upgrade the 68km-Nyakahita-Kazo road (commonly known as Kaguta Road) to China Communications Construction Company. The project is worth sh134b.

The Chinese Tiger is coming, better look busy -Daily Monitor (UGA)
For a while, the ‘Made in China’ label was a warning sign to the buyer that while the product was probably cheaper, it could easily fall apart before one got home.

China-Africa: AU pleased with growing Chinese investments in Africa -Afrique en ligne (FRA)
Chinese investments in Africa jumped by 81 percent to United States$ 552 million in the first three months of 2010, a positive response to a pledge made by President Hu Jintao when he visited Africa in February 2009, the African union (AU) chief, Jean Ping, said Wednesday.

Chinese company expands and modernises Vilanculos aerodrome, Mozambique -Club of Mozambique (MOZ)
Work to expand and modernise Vilanculos aerodrome in Mozambique’s Inhambane province, is due to be concluded in February 2011, director Ercília Salomé Mucavela told Mozambican newspaper Notícias.

Direct flight route between China and Libya launched -FOCAC (CHN)
An Afriqiyah Airways plane landed in Beijing at 3:08 a.m. Wednesday, marking the launch of the direct flight route between China and Libya.

A New Africa-China Partnership -The African Executive (KEN)
African scholars interested in the growing relations between their continent and China, will have a chance to debate this important topic at a meeting scheduled for March 28-30th 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya.

African Public Opinon on China -China in Africa: The Real Story
This public opinion survey, by one of the most trusted names in surveying, suggests that we should be cautious about drawing broad conclusions about a growing backlash of public opinion against China across Africa.

Ghanaian journalists to train in China next year -Ghana Web (GHA)
China is rolling out a training package for Ghanaian journalists, to broaden their horizon on the culture of the Asian giant and sharpen their skills.

Chinese envoy wishes Tanzania continuous political stability -IPP Media (TNZ)
The Chinese ambassador Liu Xinsheng on Sunday extended his sincere wishes to Tanzania to continue enjoy political stability and social peace after the General Election.

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