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05/08/2010 to 11/08/2010


VP woos China to modernise Kenya’s agriculture – Daily Nation (KEN)
Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has urged China to invest in the modernisation of agriculture in Kenya.

Trade: China urged to invest in SA – Business Report (ZAF)
Deputy Trade and Industry Minister Maria Ntuli yesterday urged Chinese companies to invest in South Africa

Chinese space centre to aid Namibian development efforts – Africa Good News (ZAF)
Namibian science received a boost last month when China’s first man in space, Yang Liwei, visited the country as part of a delegation to the China Space Tracking, Telemetry and Command Station, which Namibia hopes will lift its development effort.

Mugabe thanks China for steadfast support – AFP (USA) 
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe Wednesday thanked China for its steadfast support as he visited the World Expo in Shanghai and called for help in reviving his country’s shattered economy.

China takes more aid money for aids and malaria than African countries – Daily Telegraph (GBR)
The $1 billion awarded to China could have been used by the poorest countries to distribute 67 million anti-malarial bed nets, 4.5 million curative tuberculosis treatments or nearly two million courses of anti-retroviral therapy for Aids patients — equivalent to all those living with the disease in Kenya

Senior CPC official calls for closer China-Africa agriculture cooperation – Xinhua (CHN)
A senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said here Wednesday that China and Africa should find ways to deepen bilateral agricultural cooperation from a strategic perspective.

Invest in Africa: A Great Leap Forward – Forum on China Africa Cooperation (CHN)
With the advance of economic reforms in African countries, a huge potential for development is increasingly emerging. According to the assessment of The World Bank, the current investment environment in Africa is the best in history.

He Wenping: How Far Can China Go in Africa? – Forum on China Africa Cooperation (CHN)
What development stage are China-Africa relations at? How great is China’s actual influence in Africa? In other words, how far can China go in Africa?

Minister Gomez Extols Relations with Taiwan as 10-Day Inter-Cultural Exchange Programme Ends – The Daily Observer (GMB)
The minister of Youth and Sports, Sheriff Gomez has described the Republic of China (Taiwan) and The Gambia as true partners, saying both countries have been mutually benefiting from each other.

Chinese investor calls for support – Lusaka Times (ZAM)
A Chinese investor in Choma has appealed to residents to support the investment which is meant to better the social and economic conditions of the local people through job creation.

Kalonzo leaves for China – The Standard (KEN)
Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka left the country on Monday for a weeklong African conference on agriculture in China

Experts dig up Tenth Century artefacts – Daily Nation
Archaeologists digging a historic site in Malindi have come across interesting findings that show there was settlement in the area by 10th century and trade links with the other parts of the world.

Veep launches 490 Yutong buses – Ghana Web (GHN)
Vice President John Dramani Mahama is expected to launch 490 Yutong buses at the Trade Fair site at La today for use by the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU). This is part of a special programme with Stanbic Bank to enhance intra-city transportation.

Massive Rip-Offs At Foreign Embassies – Ghana Web (GHN)
The burning desire by Ghanaians to travel abroad has turned foreign embassies in Ghana into ‘cruel slave kingdoms’… The Chinese Embassy is the latest to join the gang while the German Embassy has been adjudged the most tolerant and good-human-relations-practising embassy.

Firms’ revival good news – Business Daily (KEN)
Reports that rising commodity prices in the global market and China’s decision to restrict export of raw materials have given Kenyan firms that export non metallic minerals a welcome boost are very encouraging.

The Chinese Model and Africa – Moneyweb (ZAF)
The attraction of Chinese model for would-be dictators from Hugo Chavez to Muammar Gaddafi is obvious. By following this model, they can hold on to power and maintain control while simultaneously improving the standards of living for their citizens – a win-win. Unfortunately, there are a few things that make it hard for other countries to adopt the China model, particularly in Africa.

China in Africa podcast: Why CN will not dominate FDI in Gabon – China Talking Points (USA, CHN)
Gabon presents an interesting case study for China’s engagement in Africa.  Here, it will have to work harder against established international companies, particularly major French conglomerates.  Also, with a more stable, less corrupt central government in Libreville, Chinese actors will not have the maneuverability they do in places the Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Madagascar.

Sinica Podcast: China in Africa – China Digital Times (CHN)
The latest edition of the Sinica podcast takes on the topic of China’s investment in Africa

Chinese is her language of choice – Daily Nation (KEN)
19 year old Judith Adhiambo, is currently in the land of Mao Zedong after winning a Chinese proficiency competition.

Ethiopia catching attention of investors: Ambassador – Walta Information (ETH)
Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Gu Xiaojie, said Ethiopia is attracting more investors from China and the rest of the world following the maximally favorable climate it created for investment.

Health Forum Welcomes Mobile Clinics – Times of Zambia (ZAM)
THE Public Health Partnership Forum (PHPF) has welcomed the move by the Government to procure mobile hospitals from China saying the rural community will access health care right at their door steps.

The Chinese are everywhere – The Economist (GBR)
No one knows how large the Chinese diaspora in Africa is; some say it is already a million-strong. And Chinese influence may in the end be wielded more by the demography of the new settlers than by state-owned corporations or politicians.

China and Uganda’s trade increased by 10% in 2009 – The Monitor (UGA)
Trade volumes between Uganda and China increased by at least 10 per cent in the 2009 financial year following the signing of a memorandum between the two countries’ employer organisations. Speaking at the Occupational Safety and Health seminar in Kampala on Tuesday, the Chinese Ambassador Mr Sun Heping, said trade between the two countries stood at about Shs550 billion ($250 million) in 2009 despite the global economic challenges.

Firms reap from rising demand for Kenyan minerals – Business Daily (KEN)

Rising prices of commodities in the global market and China’s decision to restrict export of raw minerals have put a fresh shine on the face of Kenya’s companies that export non metallic minerals, enabling them to utilise their full capacity.

More SA businesses want a piece of BRIC – Business Report (ZAF)
South African big businesses are positioning themselves to take advantage of the growth in the BRIC [Brazil, Russia, India and China] bloc through intensifying efforts to get partnerships and investment opportunities in those countries.

DTI Deputy Minister visits China  – Business Report (ZAF)
A delegation of South African businesspeople, led by Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Maria Ntuli, will visit China… The delegation will be participating in the World Expo being held in Shanghai, the department of trade and industry said in a statement.

Nothing is for Nothing – Influence and China’s Rising Quick-Impact Infrastructure – New Democrat (LBR)
China’s relations with tiny Liberia have taken some dramatic and fascinating turns.

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