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11/04/2011 to 22/04/2011

China Africa News 11/04/2011 to 22/04/2011

China willing to fund projects in Tunisia – China Daily (CHN)

China is willing to fund investment projects in Tunisia and Tunisia would offer better facilities for Chinese investors, Tunisian state-run press agency TAP reported late Thursday, quoting visiting Chinese Deputy Commerce Minister Fu Ziying.
The Chinese are coming…to Africa – The Economist (GBR)
Many of its people are not happy about it, as our briefing reports, but business is booming in Africa thanks mostly to the Chinese.

China-Africa media cooperation — a joint force for truth – Xinhua (CHN)
For more than 150 years, global information has flown in the opposite direction of wealth: The latter is normally from the poor to the rich while the former is evidently the other way round.  For decades, developing countries have fought what appeared to be a losing battle against Western dominance in global information flow. Thanks to the epochal rise of the developing world, a rebalancing is hopefully taking place.

The dragon chameleon: China’s changing strategy in Africa – Deutsche Welle (GER)
China invests massively in Africa. Some see that as positive and others criticize it, fearing human rights are at stake. Meanwhile it’s a balancing act between China and other nations involved with Africa, such as India.

China warns Britain over Libya advisers – Reuters (USA)


China has warned Britain over plans to send military officers to advise Libyan rebels struggling against the forces of Muammar Gaddafi, saying that Beijing opposes any steps that go beyond the mandate of a United Nations resolution.
China to build $1bn airport in Chad – Aerospace and Defence News (NL)
The government of Chad and Chinese engineering firm CAMC on Thursday signed a $1 billion (700 million euro) deal to build a new international airport north of the capital N’Djamena.

Africa set for five year China-led boom – City Wire (GBR)
Chinese investment in Africa is set to see a marked pick-up over the next five years, according to a report from EM specialist Renaissance Group

Kenya signs 10 bilateral deals with China – Reuters (USA)


Kenya and China signed on Thursday 10 agreements, including 8 billion shillings for a medical university, signalling the Asian nation’s increased interest in enlarging its diplomatic and economic footprint in Africa.
China offers $9 millon aid to Egypt – China Daily (CHN)
Egypt and China vowed Wednesday to cement their traditional friendly relationship with a number of newly-signed cooperation memos and an aid worth 60 million yuan ($9.2 million).

China gives almost half of foreign aid to African countries – Bloomberg (USA)
China gave 45.7 percent of its total donor aid to countries in Africa in 2009 to help construction of infrastructure projects and the development of resources including oil and mines.

Analysts dismayed at China’s Zimbabwe ‘invasion’ – Business Live (ZAF)
Economic analysts in Zimbabwe have expressed dismay at the manner in which the Chinese and their Asian cousins from India have been allowed to take up major businesses in the country.

Movement MPs Summoned Over Road Deal – The Monitor (UGA)
The NRM Caucus was yesterday summoned at Parliament to among other issues discuss a controversial deal under which a Chinese construction firm won a tender to construct the Kampala-Entebbe highway.

China in Africa report 2011: Charles Robertson – global chief economist, Renaissance Capital – Money Web (ZAF) 

Transcript of radio discussion: “But in a similar theme, a report was put out today by Renaissance Capital, and the co-author, Charles Robertson, who’s the global chief economist for Renaissance Capital, joins us now. Charles, it’s fascinating stuff that you’ve written in here, your China in Africa Report. It really is focusing on a  number of areas, and you can’t really do justice to it in five or so minutes on the radio.“

China vows to increase government scholarships for African students – People’s Daily (CHN)


China announced on Wednesday to largely increase the number of government scholarships to African students, in a bid to step up youth exchanges and lay a solid foundation for future China-Africa friendly ties.

Rumble in the jungle – The Economist (GBR)

Why the Beijing regime needs to act to avert a backlash against Chinese investors in poor countries.

Chinese in Deal to Save National Carrier – Zimbabwe Independent (ZIM)
Government has brokered a deal with a Chinese energy company to acquire two new Airbuses 340-500 to save embattled national carrier Air Zimbabwe despite earlier reports that the deal had fallen through.

China Puts Its Mark On Malawi – IPS (ITA)
Driving through Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, it is difficult to miss the imposing building under construction in the city centre… The hotel is being built by the Shanghai Construction Company, a Chinese firm, and is one of numerous projects funded in line with a pledge of 260 million dollars of concessionary loans, grant and aid from China to Malawi to support development, including infrastructure.

Chinese Minister Rejects Charge of Neocolonialism in Africa – VOA (USA)
China’s Vice Minister of Commerce Fu Ziying has defended his country’s rapidly expanding involvement in Africa against critics who have called it an economic invasion.

Media ‘Alarmist’ About Chinese Presence in Africa – The Namibian (NAM)
Western coverage of the increasing Chinese presence in Africa has been described as “alarmist”, and could portray China’s interest on the continent as illegal, says the former Africa and China bureau chief for the New York Times, Howard French.

China’s support vital for success of Ethiopia’s transformation plans, says PM – Bernama (MY)
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi says the country needs China’s support for realisation of its Growth and Transformation Plan.

Chinese aid good for Africa: ministers – AFP (FRA)
African officials said Saturday they need Chinese aid because they cannot get support from traditional partners, and called Western criticism of China’s huge Africa support program unfounded.

Senegalese president inaugurates Dakar Grand Theater constructed by China – People’s Daily (CHN)
The Dakar Grand Theater constructed by China was inaugurated late Friday by Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade in the presence of his Malian counterpart Amadou Toumani Toure, who had been invited to the ceremony as the guest of honor.

Entrepreneurs urged to look to the East -The Standard (KEN)


Local investors have been urged to reach out to Asian firms because they offer better opportunities for growth and knowledge transfer, given the immense interest they have shown in the continent.
Bank of China to fund Africa-America submarine cable system – Telecoms.com (GBR)
Bank of China is set to fund the construction of an undersea cable system linking South Africa and Angola to Brazil, with onward connectivity to North America. The South Atlantic Express Cable (SAex) is intended to reduce latency and bandwidth costs by connecting Africa to the Americas via its shortest route to date; most of South Africa’s Americas-bound traffic currently routes via Europe.

The Geopolitics of China-African Oil – China Briefing (GBR)
Since the mid-1950s and 1980s, China has expanded its relations with Africa as part of its broader strategy of developing friendly relations with the “Third World.” In recent years, China has achieved deeper ties with many African countries, and the issue of Chinese energy security and geopolitics in Africa has received more attention. This article offers an overview of the Sino-African oil relationship to provide a foundation for future analyses.

Africans scratch themselves as France, China run amok – The East African (KEN)
Africa’s new ticket out of hell was supposed to be China. There are problems with China’s game in Africa, but on the whole it has built roads, dams, government offices, in ways that were thought impossible in the days when the West was Africa’s dominant business partner.

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