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17/05/2009 to 24/05/2009

* 200,000 Ghanaians visited China last year- Ghana Web (GHN)
The Chinese Embassy in Accra processed more than 200,000 visas for Ghanaians to visit the People’s Republic of China in 2008 to transact various businesses, Mr Yu Wenzhe, Chinese Ambassador to Ghana announced on Saturday. 
Full Story.
* China goes global- Guardian (GBR)

Many would be justified in thinking that China has already “gone global”. Full Story.
* Ghana signs two agreements with China- Ghana Web (GHN)
Ghana on Monday signed two agreements, a grant and an interest-free loan totalling 4.4 million dollars (about 30 million Yen) with China. Full Story.
* IDC gets $50m loan from CCB- Fin 24 (ZAF)
Johannesburg – The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (IDC) has received a $50m loan from the Johannesburg branch of Chinese state-owned China Construction Bank (CCB). Full Story.
* Forget about China, India is the place to be- Standard (KEN)

India and China are both nuclear powers each with a population of more than 1 billion. Economists will quickly point out that these are huge markets, only ignored by the economically naive. Full Story.
* China to build two dams in Sierre Leone- Reuters (GBR)

China is to build two hydro-electric dams in Sierre Leone as part of efforts to foster ties with the West African country, its ambassador there said late on Monday. Full Story.
* China culture to shine in Africa with theme park- China Daily (CHN)

Chinese culture will be transplanted to South Africa thanks to a $250 million theme-park-with-a-difference being built by local company Huaqiang Holdings. Full Story.

* Trade with China must benefit Africa- Business Day (ZAF)
Chinese investment projects should be linked to local supply systems, writes Mathabo le Roux. Full Story.

* Africa urged to negotiate better terms in Chinese infrastructure deals- Engineering News (ZAF)
The long-term strategic trend of China investing in Africa, and in African infrastructural projects such as roads, would continue, but recipient countries of such investments had to be prepared to negotiate better terms for their countries’ benefit, Frontier Advisory CEO Dr Martyn Davies said on Wednesday. Full Story.

* Chinese firms swap state cash for Africa’s minerals – Business Report (ZAF)
Chinese companies are making a second major push into mining and related projects in Africa, using cash reserves unavailable to western competitors to scoop up assets at steep discounts. Full Story.

* Ethiopia , China agree to lift double taxation- Walta Information (ETH)
The Federal Democratic republic of Ethiopia and the Chinese Republic has signed an agreement to lift double taxation on incomes, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.Full Story.

* Consolidating a ‘look east’ policy under President Zuma?- Pambazuka News (KEN)
Now that the adrenalin rush has reached manageable levels, most observers and commentators have cast their eyes towards the new cabinet of President Zuma. As anticipated, President Zuma has crafted a mixed cabinet. Full Story.

* China looks to British experience for African expansion- Guardian (GBR)
China has embarked on a series of joint projects with Britain in Africa, with the aim of avoiding the abuses and mistakes committed by former colonial powers as it rapidly increases its economic role on the continent. Full Story.

* Mozambican Defense Minister Ends Visit to China- Club of Mozambique (MOZ)
Mozambican Defense Minister Filipe Nyussi ended a working visit to China last week, during which he signed two cooperation agreements with the Chinese military authorities. Full Story.

* Ghana pushes power projects despite economy crisis- Engineering News (ZAF)
Ghana is pushing ahead with its new power generation projects, despite the economic slowdown, to keep pace with demand seen increasing by 7% to 10% each year, a senior official said on Wednesday. Full Story.


* ERA signs over 530 mln birr road upgrading project- Walta Information (ETH)
The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) signed a contract agreement amounting over 530 million birr with China Railway NO.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Full Story.

* Bilateral trade keeps Cathay Pacific’s SA flights full- Business Report (ZAF)
Heavy Chinese investment in South Africa and neighbouring countries is helping to keep Cathay Pacific Airlines flights to Johannesburg full, according to David Ryan, the airline’s manager in this country. Full Story.

* Work resumes on first phase of Malawi Parliamentary complex- Engineering News (ZAF)
Work on the first phase of the multimillion-dollar construction of Malawi’s Parliamentary complex, in the capital city, Lilongwe, has resumed, following the release of a grant from the People’s Republic of China. Full Story.
* Li Peng has Angola to develop the region- Journal de Angola (AGO)
Angola gives an essential contribution in finding solutions to the problems of peace, security and stability in the southern sub-region of Africa, Central Africa and Great Lakes, said yesterday in Luanda, to journalists, the President of the Union Commission African, Jean Ping, the end of the hearing which was granted by the President, José Eduardo dos Santos. Full Story.


* Enrollment in Chinese lessons on the rise- New Times (RWD)
The number of people enrolling for Chinese lessons has doubled, just over a month after the course was introduced in April, at Kigali Institute of Education (KIE). Full Story.

* BCEG takes over Kigali Convention Complex site- New Times (RWD)
The Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG), a company that was contracted to undertake construction of the Kigali Convention Complex is expected to take over the site this week. Full Story.

* Speed up work on Korle Lagoon project – Tachie Kommey- Ghana Web (GHN)
The Member of Parliament (MP) for Odododiodoo Constituency, Mr Tachie Kommey on Friday urged China Railway Corporation (CRC), the contractors working on the Accra Central District roads and the Korle bridge project to speed up work on the project. Full Story.


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