Month: June 2013

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News round-up: 22 June 2013 to 28 June 2013

Obama in Africa: In for business or tailing China? – The Africa Report CAN comment: The big story last week was certainly President Obama’s visit to Africa, and unsurprisingly much of the coverage focused on competition with China. As this article rightly points out, Obama came to Africa with a legion […]

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News round-up: 8 June 2013 to 21 June 2013

  Ghana Gold Mines Suggest Larger Crisis for China – Ghana web (GHN) CAN comment: The controversy over the Chinese small scale miners detained in Ghana has continued over the last few weeks as Chinese web users have reacted angrily calling for reprisals from the government. This nationalistic response sees a reasoned […]

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News round-up: 30 May 2013 to 7 June 2013

Ghana agrees to release detained Chinese miners – FT (GBR) CAN comment: The detainment of over 100 illegal Chinese gold miners in Ghana this week has caused controversy. Chinese immigrants taking on low-skilled work such as artisanal mining or market trading are very unpopular in Ghana, due to the perception they […]