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23/02/2011 to 01/03/2011


Unrest rattles China’s Africa policy -Asia Times (CHN)
China has no immediate reason to fear the popular political upheaval rapidly spreading across the Middle East and northern Africa. But, if Chinese leaders are smart, this viral regional turmoil should cause them to rethink, immediately, their commercial ventures in Africa.

Chinese mining group gets nod to buy Aurora -Business Day (ZAF)
State-owned Chinese gold miner wants 65% stake in Aurora.

China can teach SA -Business Day (ZAF)
As SA has joined Brics, it will be advisable for its diplomats to acquaint themselves with the history of the People’s Republic of China as it is a world power with a fast-growing economy.

Exports of metal to China fall short -Business Report (ZAF)
A breakdown of foreign trade last year shows China was South Africa’s biggest trading partner with total trade between the countries worth R143.3 billion.

Kabarebe, Chinese envoy discuss military cooperation -The New Times (RWA)
The Minister of Defence, James Kabarebe, and the new Chinese envoy, Shu Zhan, yesterday explored ways of enhancing military cooperation between the two countries’ armed forces.

Election funds? Try Hong Kong -China Africa Confidential (GBR)
Antananarivo is looking for resource deals with Asian financiers to raise cash for an election campaign for interim leader Andry Rajoelina

China’s Leading Construction Company Halts Projects in Libya amid Unrest -China Daily (CHN)
China State Construction Engrg. Corp. (CSCEC), China’s leading off-shore construction outsourcing company, on Monday said it is suspending its projects in Libya as the unrest continued in the North African state.

Minding the mines -Africa-Asia Confidential (GBR)
President Condé called off mining contract reviews but will move to take a one-third share of all mining projects.

Can’t pay, won’t pay -Africa-Asia Confidential (GBR)
Friendly rhetoric and big promises between Beijing and Abuja do not deliver as payment problems strain ties.

Platinum-bottomed deals -Africa-Asia Confidential (GBR)
Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi wants strengthened relations with China’s ‘good brother’ Zimbabwe but conditions on the latest deals are tougher.

Opening the tent -Africa-Asia Confidential (GBR)
A formal study group at the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development is exploring ways to take lessons from China’s development path and apply them to the fight against poverty in Africa. The OECD is one forum where the United States and Europe are seeking to influence a growing China’s insertion into a wider global order.

New “China in … everywhere” book in the pipeline -Exporting China’s Development to the World
Spanish journalists Heriberto Araújo and Pablo Cardenal are working on a new book on China’s impact around the world. In a recent article in Hong Kong’s Sunday Morning Post, Araujo and Cardenal focus on Mozambique, where, they report, violent clashes between Chinese mine managers and African workers have continued over demands for higher wages and shorter working hours.

The $10 Billion For The building Of Roads, Railways, School And Hospitals. WHEN? -Ghana Web (GHA)
Out of the 13 billion dollars agreed by China to loan Ghana for infrastructure, $10 billion is said to be pumped into the building of roads, railways, school and hospitals in Ghana.

China’s Special Economic Zones in Africa -China in Africa: The Real Story
Last week I had a chance to visit the Chinese Eastern Industry Zone, probably the slowest of the six zones in Africa to get going, but which is moving ahead quickly now.

Africa, China to reshape oil markets -Business Live (ZAF)
Africa is poised to become a major player in the global oil markets due to the discovery of new reserves and as it ramps up production to meet growing global demand, especially from China, according to a special report released by Standard Bank at the International Petroleum Week conference in London.

Mozambique seeks closer cooperation with China -FOCAC (CHN)
Mozambican President Armando Guebuza said Tuesday that his country hopes to further its pragmatic cooperation with China.

Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun Visits South Sudan -FOCAC (CHN)
On February 22, 2011, Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun visited south Sudan. He exchanged in-depth views with First Vice President of Sudan and President of the government of south Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit and other south government officials on Sudan’s peace process, preparations for south Sudan’s independence and the bilateral relations in the future.

East Africa, China explore new areas of cooperation -People’s Daily (CHN)
The East Africa Community (EAC) and the Chinese government held talks on Wednesday to explore new areas of cooperation and boost trade between both sides.

The New Presence of China in Africa -Chine-Afrique
This book describes China’s growing range of activities in Africa, especially in the sub-Saharan region. The three most important instruments China has at its disposal in Africa are development aid, investments and trade policy.

Grassroots Protests Against Chinese Dams in Africa -Peter Bosshard’s Environmental Policy Blog
On a day when people took to the streets in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, dam-affected people organized protests against destructive dams at the Chinese embassies in Kenya and Sudan.

Senior Communist Party of China leader vows to boost partnership with Ethiopia -Walta Info
A senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) pledged Wednesday to cement party-to-party cooperation with the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

China-Africa Friendship Award- the Top 10 Chinese Enterprises in Africa (III) -FOCAC (CHN)
Introduction of the winners: Sinohydro Corporation and China Railway Group Limited (China Railway)

Chinese tobacco merchants credited for price improvement in Zimbabwe -FOCAC (CHN)
Chinese merchants have been commended for helping to significantly raise the price of tobacco in Zimbabwe.

Discovery excited over China potential -Business Report (ZAF)
South African health insurance group Discovery (DSY) remains excited by the potential of the Chinese private health insurance market in the long-term, CEO Adrian Gore said on Tuesday.

China plots to deepen Africa ties -New Vision (UGA)
China has designed a new strategy where it will re-locate some of its small-and-medium industries to sub-Sahara African as a measure against rising labour cost.


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