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Why China & Africa?

This site provides a weekly collation of China-Africa news stories from African, Chinese and Western sources. The site also serves as a forum for expert discourse, and provides links to events relevant to China and Africa’s developing relationship.

The visit of eunuch Admiral Zheng He to East Africa represents the start of what has been an almost constant interaction between China and the African continent.Themodern relationship can be broken down into three stages of activity: post independence, post Tiananmen, and more recently resource agreements.

The first and second stages mentioned were characterised by China’s wish to secure allies in Africa and this most recent spate of activity by its need for Africa’s raw materials. Whilst a need for resources is the most pressing reason for China’s involvement, it is also important to stress the continuities in the relationship and viewChina’s involvement in Africa as a long term project, in order to fully understand the interrelated factors that make up the relationship.

This website will attempt to illuminate this relationship by offering a collection of news stories from African, Western and Chinese news sources daily.

The site was set up in October 2008 by Henry Hall.