Katharina Neureiter, Editor

Katharina edits China Africa News. Katharina works as a consultant on social impact investments and the political economy of Africa. She holds an MSc in History of International Relations from the London School. She became interested in the China-Africa nexus several years ago when undertaking research into gold mining in Southern Africa. Since then she has obsessed over the topic and still aims to pursue a phd in China-Africa studies one day in the future.


Henry Hall, Founder

HHall.crop.30.04.2013Henry started China Africa News in 2008, frustrated by the lack of reliable news on the China Africa relationship. By creating a space to access African, Chinese and Western news and commentary he hoped to provide a balanced outlook. He continues his involvement in CAN as an advisor to the editorial team.

Educated at Edinburgh and Hong Kong Universities, Henry completed an MSc in Political Economy of Late Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He became interested in the China Africa relationship during his undergraduate studies and wrote a dissertation on Chinese involvement in Nigeria. Since finishing he has written articles for Africa Asia Confidential and has worked at Critical Resource, Africa Practice and The Stimson Center in Washington DC.