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Growing Closer

09/05/2011 admin 0

World Bank Head Robert Zoellick was in China last week discussing approaches to development, and how China’s economy might continue to grow, offering lessons for […]

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Market Forces

08/29/2011 admin 0

In markets across Africa one is greeted by two major imports from China. First there are likely to be a huge number of products which […]

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The China Brand

08/07/2011 admin 0

Unlike most companies investing in Africa, Chinese companies are inextricable from their country of origin. The successes and failures of Chinese companies are generally reported […]

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Informal Mining in Ghana

06/11/2011 admin 0

China’s gold rush: firms exploiting Ghanaian resources Last Monday China Africa News gained its first TV exposure commenting on the informal mining sector in Ghana […]

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Intervention and Respect

06/04/2011 admin 0

China’s relationship with North and South Sudan has been the subject of a great deal of scrutiny over the past decade. Beijing’s close relationship with […]

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G8 summit

05/29/2011 admin 0

The G8 summit came and went last week and was a relatively low key affair. The meeting of ten of the most powerful economies in […]

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China’s potential in agriculture

05/22/2011 admin 0

The major elements of China’s ‘miracle growth’ were the rural and agricultural improvements brought about through the Household Responsibility system. Put simply this scheme served to increase […]