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Confusion in the news over Chinese hostages killed in Sudan appears to have been cleared up as it has been revealed that four hostages were killed, rather than the five originally stated. Of the original nine, it is believed that one is still being held while 4 escaped with injuries of varying degrees. A South African news source reports that Beijing has sent a delegation to Sudan in order to attempt the rescue of the last hostage.

Beijing is reported to believe that the hostages were killed in a bungled rescue operation whereas Sudanese officials have reported that the captors killed the hostages having been spooked by a reconnaissance plane. This difference of understanding is perhaps telling of Chinese disappointment at a failed rescue attempt but Beijing officials have stated that the incident will not affect future Sino-Sudanese relations which they feel are beneficial to both sides. Chinafinds itself in the unfamiliar position of enjoying UN support in Sudan, over this issue!

In Nigeria, Chinese reputations are suffering over the textile industry’s collapse, and the feeling among top officials, and the populace that China uses Nigeriaas a dumping ground for poor quality goods. Nigeria once had a thriving textiles industry but Chinese competition has proved fierce resulting in the loss of many, many jobs. A week ago Federal Government warned China over this dumping and Chinese officials appeared sympathetic to complaints. It remains to be seen what action will be taken, with one possibility that China may move some factories to Nigeria. Their response will be under scrutiny within Nigeriawhere labour was proposed picketing the Chinese embassy.

Along with troubles with textile industry, Nigerian officials have once again suspended the much troubled rail improvements set to be completed by Chinese firms over the next couple of decades. Doubts over the cost of the project seem to have set its back once again with infrastructure officials feeling that the project seems expensive. Worries also persist over a cabal within the transportation sector responsible for the poor running of services.


China officials head to Sudan- News 24 (RSA)


China sent officials to Sudan on Thursday to help find at least one missing Chinese worker from a group kidnapped from oil fields near the western region of Darfur, state media reported. Full Story.


UN peacekeeping forces condemn killing of Chinese oil workers in Sudan- People’s Daily (CHI)


The UN peacekeeping forces in Sudan condemned on Wednesday the killing of four Chinese oil workers by armed kidnappers in southwest Sudan on Monday. Full Story.


FG Suspends $3.8bn Rail Contract- This Day (NG)


The Federal Government has suspended the $3.8 billion railway modernisation contract it awarded in 2007, to the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC). Full Story.


Govt suspends $8.3b Lagos-Kano rail project- Guardian (NG)


The Senate Committee on Land Transport was told on Tuesday, in Lagos, that the executive arm of government has suspended the $8.3 billion Lagos-Kano rail modernisation project. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo awarded the contract to China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC). Full Story.


KPC completes Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline at extra cost of Sh400- milllion- Standard (KEN)


The Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) has completed the Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline upgrade but at higher cost, Energy PS Patrick Nyoike has said. Full Story.


Rwanda: China Important Partner for Country and Africa’s Economic Development- New Times (RWA)


Yesterday, Rwanda and China celebrated years of close economic and trade partnership. China took the opportunity to showcase her many successful investment projects in the country, ranging from the first digital TV signal transmission technology in Africa, a project worth USD 29 million operating under, Star Africa Media Ltd Company. Full Story.


Stakeholders seek ways to revive textile sector…labour may picket Chinese Embassy- Vanguard (NG)


For umpteenth time, National Union of Textile, Garment and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria (NUTGTWN), has brought stakeholders together in its untiring effort to halt the fast declining textile industry in Nigeria. Full Story.


Nigeria: FG Warns China Against Using Country As Dumping Ground for Products- Daily Independent (NG)


Federal government on Monday warned the Chinese authorities and their Nigerian trade partners that it would no longer tolerate the use of Nigeria as dumping ground for fake and substandard Chinese products. Full Story.

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