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Last night it was reported that five of the nine hostages taken in Sudan ten days ago have been killed. All five of those killed were Chinese nationals working for The Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company, a Chinese run consortium including Indian, Malaysian and Sudanese elements. The abduction and murder of Chinese nationals will add to the pressure from not only western, but increasingly domestic sources, for Beijing to make greater demands of the Sudanese government for improvement in the Darfur region.

Chinese news sources Xinhua News and People’s Daily declined to report the deaths on their English language services, but Al Jazeera news reports that Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Jiang Yu has condemned the terrorist act. The Sudanese authorities have placed the blame on JEM rebels, but they refute the claim. The episode will prove painful and embarrassing to Chinese and Sudanese governments.

Meanwhile in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni met yesterday with Chinese military representative Jing Zhiyuan, in an effort to strengthen bilateral ties.Uganda has enjoyed growth and stability in recent years and has acted as a stabilizing influence in a tumultuous region of Africa. The Ugandan President pledged continuing adherence to the one-China policy recognizing China’s rights to Taiwan.


China condemns Sudan killings- Al Jazeera (QTR)


China has condemned the killing of five kidnapped Chinese oil workers inSudan as an “inhumane terrorist” act. Full Story.


Rebels deny Chinese killings- News 24 (RSA)


The Darfur rebel group accused by Sudan of abducting and killing Chinese oil workers on Tuesday denied any responsibility. Full Story.


China hostages ‘killed in Sudan’- BBC (UK)


Five Chinese oil workers kidnapped in Sudan nine days ago have been killed,Sudan’s foreign ministry has said. Full Story.


Chinese oil workers killed in Sudan- Financial Times (UK)


Five Chinese oil workers taken hostage in Sudan have been killed by their captors in one of the worst losses China has suffered since it began pouring billions of dollars into its quest for African resources. Full Story.


Ugandan president meets with senior Chinese military official- People’s Daily (CHI)


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni met with Jing Zhiyuan, member ofChina’s Central Military Commission, in Uganda’s southern city of EntebbeSunday night on bilateral ties. Full Story.

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