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News of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo dominates today, as fighting intensifies cultivating yet more misery in the troubled central African state. As yet international comment has been limited to fellow African countries that have condemned the fighting. There has been increasing Chinese interest in mineral rich DRC in recent months and this will prove yet another test ofChina’s non interventionist foreign policy mandate. China’s response in the coming weeks might prove an interesting gauge of how its future African policy might look, as its economic ascent confers upon it increasing responsibility on the global scale.

Further evidence of a growing mistrust of China’s role in Africa comes in the news that Ugandan politicians are looking to institute laws protecting trade secrets from possible foreign industrial espionage. In an example baffling to the author, a Ugandan official cited worries of the Chinese copying Nile Perch and protecting it under law as their own. Regardless of the veracity of this claim, it demonstrates the need for China repair its uncertain reputation in Africa, and make more firm commitments to alleviate African worries over reckless exporting and dishonest dealing.

The example China has set for South-South cooperation is also been taken up by the India, Brazil, South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA). This coalition of the developing has set an ambitious target of $25 billion of trilateral trade by 2015.


Angola to pump more- Business Report (RSA)


Angola said on Thursday it expects to boost its oil production next year to around 2 million barrels a day. Full Story.


R25-billion trade target set for 2015- Engineering News (RSA)


The leaders of India, Brazil, and South Africa set a new target for trilateral trade at their recent summit meeting in New Dehli – the objective is now $25-billion by 2015. The three countries form the India, Brazil, South Africa Dialogue Forum (Ibsa) and the current target for trade between them is $15-billion by 2010. Full Story.


Law set up to protect trade secrets- The Daily Monitor (UGD)


“We have heard that China wants to develop the Nile perch and patent it as theirs,” he said, adding, “once we pass this law, I want the government to stand firm and start selling our products with our own names.” Full Story.


The global crisis- Pambazuka News (KEN)


By coincidence last weekend saw a long-planned Asian-European economic summit in Beijing, at a time when many world leaders were looking to China to play a key role in saving the world economy. Full Story.

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