News Update


Why Is China So … Uncool? – Foreign Policy

CAN comment: George Goa explores why China has never managed to become a soft-power giant like the US or France – despite having all the necessary ingredients, with its willingness to engage in global trade and its promises to fight climate change, all backed by its economic and military gravitas. Yet, China’s music, movies, and fashions are relatively unpopular, it’s pop culture lacks sex appeal. The question is why, and whether that matters. Goa thinks it does and makes a compelling case.

China military power: World’s largest army to expand from Asia to Africa – Newsweek

CAN comment: Tom O’Connor sums up briefly China’s plans to increase its marine force by 400 percent, focusing on strategic intercontinental trade routes as part of its One Belt One Road initiative.

How China’s $60 Billion For Africa Will Drive Global Prosperity – Forbes

Can comment: Whilst many news outlets have focused on Wang Yi,Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China’s comments this week on increasing China-Africa economic cooperation (see here and here),  Amy Jadesimi has delved a little bit deeper for Forbes on how the $60 billion pledge will drive global prosperity. Whilst citing impressive source material on the opportunities that investment in emerging markets bring, her final conclusion is that: “Ultimately, what comes of China’s promises and the shifting global dynamics depends largely on what we do ourselves. As indigenes in African countries we have been the loci for these investments, we must ensure that real local content thrives – both during the building of and the operation of strategic infrastructure.”